Walking Fast for Your Health

Scientific researches have found that walking fast can improve the function of the heart system and respiratory organs, lower the quantity of cholesterol in...

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Coprophagous Animals and Aesthetic Feelings

Some animals are coprophagous only in their infancy. The Australian eucalyptus forests are inhabited by charming little animals which look like cuddly teddy bears....

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Life is a Classroom

A wise person once said, “Only truth can set you free.” Love, happiness, freedom, and peace of mind, the cornerstones of perfect life, are...

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Feeding Habits

The composition of food may influence not only physical but also mental development. According to popular belief, in Italy the districts growing white apricots...

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Benefits of Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a process of re-education during which the individual unlearns poor posture and movement that has led to tension and sometimes...

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