Life is a Classroom

November 5, 2010
A wise person once said, “Only truth can set you free.” Love, happiness, freedom, and peace of mind, the cornerstones of perfect life, are impossible while we wallow in lies, deception, misrepresentation, deceit, duplicity, pretence, hypocrisy, misinformation, and distortion. This is especially important when an individual refuses to be truthful to himself.
People who believe that a perfect life is one overflowing with happiness, wealth, freedom, health, and peace of mind, with few worries, hardships, setbacks, and difficulties have an unreal and fictitious idea of what life is really all about.
Anyone who believes that a perfect life contains little or no suffering, sickness, heartbreak, loneliness, responsibility, or restriction is also living in a fantasy world.
Life is a classroom, a school, and a university. It is a learning process. And anyone who knows anything about learning knows that most learning of life skills takes place more often during the hard times when worries, hardships, setbacks, difficulties, suffering, sickness, heartbreak, loneliness, responsibility, and restriction are present. Much less learning occurs when everything is perfect.
You don’t learn what marriage is all about on the honeymoon!
Obviously, a perfect life is not one where we are constantly dogged by adversity. We must have some success, fulfillment, happiness, love, and achievement. We need assurance that our time has been worthwhile, some feedback of our worth as a person.
If we feel dissatisfied with our achievements, we would probably also feel that our lives were less than perfect. It doesn’t matter how much praise we receive from others, it is our own sense of self-worth that counts in the end. However, feedback from others counts a lot in our self-examination.
Our school report or university degree measures how much we learned, and how well we put this learning to use. It doesn’t measure how much we enjoyed our time there. Our life report should do the same. What we learn in life should make us a better person.

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