Walking Fast for Your Health

November 12, 2010

Scientific researches have found that walking fast can improve the function of the heart system and respiratory organs, lower the quantity of cholesterol in blood and prevent high blood pressure. Furthermore, in a survey conducted by Japanese scientists in a village known for a large number of old people enjoying long life, it is found that the people there have the habit of walking fast.

This walking fast can complimented very well with the specific medical Qigong practice which is “Walking As Fast As The Wind” & “Sitting As Stable As A Bell”.

Walking as fast as the wind here means to walk fast with strong and vigorous strides (how far the distance to walk would be in accordance with his/her physical ability.) The rationale being after walking one is full of vigor, feel completely relaxed mentally and physically and the symptoms of disease disappear or become fewer. Of course, initially, the practitioner normally will feel a little tired and have a slight ache at the waist and legs).

“Sitting as stable as a bell” – to be practise before and after the vigorous walking. It means we should sit as stable as a bell. Here, any type of posture can be taken but the body should be upright . When sitting, imagine there is a golden ring of light around the navel. Slightly put the mind on the ring. Sit for a quarter of an hour or shorter if you wish.

Why this combination you may ask. This is to do with the saying to combine activity with tranquility or yin and yang concept. The combination of walking as fast as the wind & sitting as stable as a bell makes warding off sickness by walking possible.

The idea is to initially walk one or two times every day each time about half an hour. Walk at an even, steady rhythmic pace, walk in a relaxed state. After you feel that that your mental and physical health as improve, walk longer and faster.

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